Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Watertown WI - Edward Pfenninger

This is a page I ordered from the Dodge Co WI historical group. In the lower left corner is a paragraph about Edward Pfenninger. He is also mentioned in column two paragraph two. I think it is interesting to know about the neighbors of our ancestors and what their lives may have been like.

FROM: Reminiscence of Early Days In Watertown
Ewd. Pfenninger, former inspector of large estates in the old country, was here for some years as a notory public and justice of the peace in the old Sixth ward. His voice could be heard by an entire army corps if he would have such to command. He was also noted as a great huntsman and many stories were told about him and his large hunting bag.

. . . . Squire Charles Beckman, after Pfenninger moved to Columbus, was justice of the peace in the Sixth ward, city assessor and city clerk for a few years.